Introducing Sincerely, Sloane ✨

Have you listened to my first episode yet?

Welcome to Sincerely, Sloane ✨

Greetings from Paris! My first podcast episode launched today and I am SO proud to share it with you all.

Today’s first episode is with the broadcast queen herself, Ms. Taylor Rooks. Taylor is an incredibly gifted journalist and interviewer, and as you’ll hear, it all stems back to a core of true authenticity, trust, and preparation.

I had the idea to start a podcast a few years ago and have been working on what you’ll hear today with UNINTERRUPTED ever since. I’ll save all my production learnings for another post, but we made it to today and I am so proud!

It’s no secret that I have a lot of interests outside of tennis and find inspiration in a lot of different places. As I was (and very much continue to be) on my own journey of self-discovery, I found ways to channel these passions into strengths - to learn from the best in athletics, entertainment, and even some my inner-most circle on their journeys.

For those of us who have found ourselves as “one of one” or “one of a few” in a given situation, career, or room, it can often feel like we’re navigating a journey alone with no map. This is exactly why I created Sincerely, Sloane. We are all very much on this journey together, and my intention is to provide a space where listeners can learn from my guests’ unique journeys, pick up some tidbits, and feel a sense of belonging and community along the way. Don’t let someone’s follower count, wealth, or status fool you, we’re all going through things in our own ways, and my hope is that Sincerely, Sloane gives listeners that boost on your Monday mornings to tackle the week ahead with calmness and confidence.

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Taylor’s Restaurant Guide to NYC:

Shop Taylor’s desert island beauty product here and listen to why she loves it so much at minute 47.