Sincerely, Sloane Episode #6 | Malika Andrews ✨

Finding inspiration and strength in our grandparents 📚

Sincerely, Sloane Episode #6 | Malika Andrews

Fresh off the NBA Finals, I’m joined on this week’s podcast episode by Malika Andrews, journalist and host of ESPN’s NBA Today and NBA Countdown. As a new podcast host myself, I found it a bit daunting to interview a journalist who is used to doing the asking, but Malika and I instantly hit it off (and bonded over Oakland BBQ spot E+J)!

On this week’s episode of Sincerely, Sloane, we chat about finding inspiration from our grandparents, the privilege of having a “get to” job, embracing humility and actively pursuing constructive feedback, and so much more.

Last week, Malika shared some very personal information in PEOPLE about her journey with mental health and her time spent in a juvenile residential treatment center. I am so proud of her for sharing this part of her story and rediscovering her love of horseback riding as a form of therapy, something she references in our conversation. ❤️

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