Sincerely, Sloane Episode #8 | Gabby Thomas ✨

A woman on a mission!

Hello from Wimbledon!

On this week’s episode of Sincerely, Sloane, I chat with Team USA 200m star Gabby Thomas! Gabby just qualified for the Paris Games this weekend and I’m so happy for her! She is incredible, on and off the track - Harvard undergrad, Master’s degree in epidemiology, volunteer at a health care clinic, dog mom, just to name a few titles aside from TWO-TIME OLYMPIAN!

Like me, Gabby comes from a family that prioritizes education over everything - athletics were more of an extracurricular until business was handled in the classroom. I’d like to think this approach has served both of us well so far 😉 There are going to be so many chapters to Gabby’s story, and I’m so excited to cheer her on.

I recorded this conversation with Gabby long before Trials, and when I listen to this episode back now with her having achieved this critical step on her pathway to Paris, I am amazed at her clarity in the process and commitment to excellence every day. We get deep but also discuss some essentials like dog walking schedules in the Texas heat, shower shoes, the importance of sunscreen for melanated skin, and so much more.

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